Our Process

We’re there for you, every step of the way. Learn how we take you from discovery to delivery.

Align on Objectives

Share parameters, timeline, and product specs with our team during your discovery call.

Select a country of origin based on your product specifications

Different regions of the world specialize in different
forms of manufacturing, and therefore have access to a
variety of goods at varying price points. Select the proper
country of origin and optimize your cost structure,
minimizing taxes and transportation charges.


Based on your product designs or your finished goods, our international team will redevelop the product with our approved manufacturers.

MFG Audit & Selection

Our team selects the best manufacturers based on quality, pricing, and compliance.

Production Run

Our international team will be on-site during various steps of the manufacturing process, reporting regular updates
to ensure the production timeline is on schedule.

Quality Assurance

Once the products are manufactured, our quality assurance team runs a standard quality control process to ensure products meet a rigorous Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) standard.

By Sea or by Air

Our job doesn’t end with the manufacturer.
We ship your product to its intended
destination, handling everything from freight forwarding to customs.


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